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A life-long love of science fiction movies is what ultimately led to the forming of Ragnarok Creative. No decade has, or likely ever will, match the 1950's for the sheer number of science fiction movies produced. Amid the mundane and mindless hordes of films of the period were a handful of superlative subjects that towered above the others. The pinnacle of this was the vastly ahead of its time "Forbidden Planet". A rare for its day story founded in science and intelligence. It has always been the goal of Ragnarok Creative to bring the iconic film back to life for a modern audience to experience, all the while respecting and honoring every aspect of the original with a sense of detail and magnificence that would compliment the brilliance that was the original film. In its time it was cutting edge, masterfully created to portray a very real story that has absolute significance to this day. Ragnarok's Forbidden Planet is a very passionate project, with our every effort spent on maintaining the same ingenious meaning, detail and power to bring back in fresh form the epic science fiction fantasy film that ignited and captivated a generation with its mystery. 



  In the depths of space, the crew of the MSSA-C57D “Tempest” are awakened by an emergency beacon. The message explains that a mining and prospect vessel—the Inquisitor, has gone down on a planet known as Zycie-4. Commanded by John J. Adams, the Tempest sets its course for the nearby uninhabited world to investigate.


  Before it can land, the Tempest is communicated with by an unknown man from Zycie-4. This source turns out to be Dr. Edward Morbius, the apparent sole survivor of a science and research vessel called the “Bellerophon” that was lost long ago. Despite the efforts of Dr. Morbius to convince the Tempest to stay away, Commander Adams sets down under executive order to both investigate the crash of the Inquisitor, and the presence of Dr. Morbius on Zycie-4.


  They arrive to a mysterious and beautiful where nothing is exactly what it seems. Dr. Morbius dispatches his robotic assistant, Robbie, to meet with the Commander, and, to escort them to his compound for a formal introduction. This introduction proves to be profound. Dr. Morbius survives on Zycie-4, alongside his daughter, Altaira, Robbie, and the other robots he has created to tend to his home constructed from the remnants of the Bellerophon.


  Time foretells that Dr. Morbius doesn’t want to leave his home, and expresses to Commander Adams the hidden dangers of Zycie-4. Almost immediately thereafter, sabotage and murder begins to run rampant amid the dire recovery of the Inquisitor’s flight data recorder.


  Growing weary of the secrets and driven by a will to keep his men safe, Commander Adams confronts Dr. Morbius as to what may be carrying out such violent acts against his ship, and his crew. It is learned only then that a civilization known as the Krell used to inhabit Zycie-4. They were, as Dr. Morbius describes, intellectual masters of technology. They excavated the inner planet and built cities and industry, harvesting power from the core of their world to produce a very unique super computer. This computer was capable of manifesting matter from simple thought—a machine capable of pure creation.


  Dr. Morbius warns them of a planetary force that exists on Zycie-4. He claims that it was responsible for the deaths of his entire crew, the crew of the Inquisitor, and now, it is seeking to exterminate Commander Adams, and the crew of the Tempest.


  Only during the final hours on Zycie-4 does Commander Adams find out that Dr. Morbius is not only connected to the Krell super computer, but he is also in control of the same destructive force that wiped out the Krell inhabitants ages prior. This menacing force is the unstable, uncontrollable subconscious mind, known as the creatures from the Id. With Dr. Morbius in control, he makes it absolutely clear that he will do whatever it takes to keep the Krell technology there with him, on Zycie-4, at any cost.


WGA Registered 2015


Both Ragnarok Creative and Studio Ronin have collaborated on concept art in the efforts of bringing to life the icon vision that is Forbidden Planet. Below you'll find story boarding that has been completed in the efforts of maintaining the specific image that we had envisioned for this property. There is a certain look and a feel that must be maintained in order to capture the true essence of the original film, in all of its glorious intellectual facets. Forbidden Planet is a visionary masterpiece, after all, and our only goal is to elaborate more on the defining qualities that made Forbidden Planet such an impact, both in film, and in science fiction. Here you will also find some of the work that had been done by Studio Ronin, such as the main poster concepts and some one off pieces.

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