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Ragnarok Creative's earliest roots go back thirty years to the formation of Inkwell Productions in California. The owner and head developer of Inkwell Productions went on to produce the original script for Twentieth Century Fox's fourth installment in the Alien franchise. Now, we're not talking about Alien: Resurrection, but Alien: Hell's Warrior. This script had been favored to be the choice story line for the much anticipated third Alien sequel, however due to last minute changes, specifically to do with preferential writer's credits, the script was passed over. Inkwell Productions continued to work independently in the pursuit of creating one of a kind properties that would captivate future audiences. 

Ragnarok Creative is proud to have partnered with Studio Ronin of Wisconsin. If you don't know anything about Studio Ronin, they have a long track record of accomplishments both in print and in film. Christopher Shy of Studio Ronin is not only an independent artist, having worked on such films as Pathfinder and Friday the 13th, but he is also a skilled model builder. Studio Ronin is not only a collaborating creative writer within Ragnarok, but also Ragnarok's go-to artist for almost every property in development. 

Ragnarok Creative was founded by Brady Goldsmith, a published author and script writer, in California.

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