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The Book of Gray is a horror epic that transcends time. This is but the first installment in a series of novels that is currently being produced by Ragnarok Creative, and published. The first novel, which is currently available for purchase, portrays the horrific rise of the protagonist, Skonar Gray. Though his beginning's are small in relative comparison to the vast journey that lies before him, they are monumental and world defining. This property has always been a true attempt at portraying an epic werewolf horror saga with the goal of redefining the genre. The days of romanticized horror are over. It's time to take the genre back to its roots with realism, the gritty and the dark, and the true horrors that are of both man and beast. The first in The Book of Gray series captures innocence in a time where hope is but a fleeting belief, and the progression of a boy into a man that must protect all that he loves and cares for in this world. Beyond his father's rage and control, an outdated existential belief binds Skonar to a fatal future that he must fight to overcome.


  As the darkness descends, all 

hope is fading.

  After a brutal fight with his brother---arranged by their abusive father---Skonar is locked in the basement, left to bleed. There, in an old box, he finds a book of family secrets in which his grandfather explains the ancient darkness behind the family's ongoing horrific experiences. But for Skonar, knowing about it is not enough to stop it.

  Desperately trying to make sense of his mysterious world, where the dead roam the forest and his father brings home gory corpses, Skonar tries to shield his lover, Adrianna, the only source of purity and hope he knows. 

  But events keep escalating in malevolence, and after witnessing his brother's shocking bestial change, Skonar realizes his own monstrous transformation is close at hand. 

  Power, love, and survival---the ultimate resolution will mean a fight to the death.


We have a wide variety of art, all of which is conceptual and portraying different events throughout the course of the first installment in The Book of Gray series. Ragnarok Creative has produced a majority of the art, as seen below, but Studio Ronin has also stepped in to offer a range of conceptualized pieces to help portray the dark world that envelops Skonar Gray. Below, you can find a solid representation of the art that has helped bring to life the very beginning of this saga. 

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