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The Darkest Hour is an ever-expanding collection of gripping short stories encompassing horror, science fiction, and fantasy. This visceral anthology delves into a multitude of captivating concepts that traverse time and space. From the monstrous aspects hidden within ourselves and lurking in the shadows of humanity, to the terrifying manifestations of our own minds and the creations of our darkest impulses, to the unknown terrors that lie beyond the stars, this collection aims to enthrall and captivate readers.

The uniqueness of The Darkest Hour lies in its ability to stand out as an individual work while successfully keeping readers on the edge of their seats. Drawing inspiration from a vast network of films and written works, it brings to life a world that is both unsettling and palpable. The true brilliance of this collection, however, lies in the interconnectivity of each story. Whether through monumental or subtle links, every tale told is intricately woven into the fabric of the overarching narrative.

The darkness, horror, suspense, action, and intellectual creativity found within The Darkest Hour are derived from an inexhaustible well of imagination. It draws upon this source to craft a collection that is truly unforgettable. Below, you will find a growing list of stories currently in production, as well as those that have already been published. The Darkest Hour Collection is certain to captivate, horrify, and leave you breathless. Enjoy at your own risk.


TDHC The knight cover 6x9.jpg

Eddie has it all.


Fame. Fortune. A hit television show. 


All that's about to change. 

transit poster 2.jpg

A lot of people are going missing around Los Angeles. 

Two Detectives have taken the case.


The evidence leads them to a conclusion none of them could have ever been prepared for. 

TDHC Voyeur small.jpg

Nick is a troubled alcoholic with a dark past. As secrets are revealed, his wandering is a problem, for everyone. 

TDHC Forsaken Hard Cover small.jpg

One last job.

A hit on a locomotive will bring Patrick and William their golden payday.

At least, that's what they hoped for.

TDHC The Edge I small.jpg
TDHC Devourer of Children 2 small.jpg

Trevor wakes up to find that his tragically predictable life is about to take a sharp turn. 

Coming soon
TDHC THe Edge II small.jpg
TDHC Skeleton cover 2 small.jpg

Harper has endured a lot in the last few years, and is struggling to keep it all together.

She never thought she'd be wrapped up in a world ending conspiracy. 

Coming soon
TDHC THe Edge III small.jpg
Coming soon
TDHC The Edge IV small.jpg
Coming soon
TDHC THe Edge V small.jpg
Coming soon
TDHC THe Edge VI small.jpg
Coming soon
TDHC THe Edge VII small.jpg
Coming soon
TDHC Cover Travelers in the Dark small.jpg
Coming soon
TDHC twfu concept 2 small.jpg
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
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