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The Darkest Hour is a collection of (91, and growing) short stories rooted within horror, science fiction, and fantasy. The expansive collection touches upon a huge variety of ideas that span across time and space. From the monsters within ourselves, to those that exist within the shadows of humanity; to the darkness that manifests within our minds and the monsters that we inevitably come to create, to the unknown horrors that lay beyond the stars, it is the intent of this property to captivate and intrigue. The Darkest Hour stands alone with individuality and succeeds in keeping the readers at the edge of their seats, drawing inspiration from a huge network of films and written works to bring to life something dark and real. What is truly iconic of this property is the way that each story connects with one another. The links can be monumental, or small, but they exist within every single story told. The darkness of this project, the horror, suspense, action, and intellectual creativity is siphoned from a well of imagination that is never-ending. Below is a growing list of currently in production stories, along with those that are already published. The Darkest Hour Collection is sure to captivate, horrify, and leave you breathless. Enjoy at your own risk. 


TDHC The knight cover 6x9.jpg

Eddie has it all.


Fame. Fortune. A hit television show. 


All that's about to change. 

transit poster 2.jpg

A lot of people are going missing around Los Angeles. 

Two Detectives have taken the case.


The evidence leads them to a conclusion none of them could have ever been prepared for. 

TDHC Voyeur small.jpg

Nick's wandering is starting to become a problem.

TDH Forsaken Poster small.jpg

One last job.

A hit on a locomotive will bring Patrick and William their golden payday.

At least, that's what they hoped for.

Young James wakes up to find that his tragically predictable life isn't quite the same anymore. 


No one else seems to notice.

Detective Andrew Finnigan has quite the reputation.


When a brutal killer with a knack for astrological symbolism comes to New York city, a quick transfer from Jersey puts Detective Finnigan hot on the trail.

Thomas Lane is a journalist. He knows the industry, and plays the game.

To avoid taking a leave of absence, Thomas jumps at an opportunity that arises out of state. A high profile corruption scandal involving the owner of one of the worlds largest chemical plants.


Threats are made, but Thomas is used to that.

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